About Us

Bonanza Square Barber Shop was established in 1960 and has since been servicing the surrounding neighborhoods, East Las Vegas and the entire Las Vegas Valley.

The name was change to EastSide Cutters in 1999 to honor the shops EastSide roots. Our current staff has been at EastSide Cutters starting in 1998.

All of our Barbers are “Master Barbers” and have developed their skills in various other shops such as Mr.North Las Vegas Barber Shop, El Cortez Barber shop and Maryland Square Barbers whereas our youngest is a true blue EastSide Cutter lifer and one was a personal customer that was inspired by EastSide Cutters to pursue a career as a Barber and is now a full partner.

We are a full Hispanic Barber Shop that caters to all races and hair types and designs. Although we aren’t the first Hispanic Barber shop (Mr.North Las Vegas) we are the first “modern Hispanic Barber” shop and many of our former customers now cut hair in many newer Barber Shops and we can proudly say they are fruit from the EastSide Cutters tree. Although EastSide Cutters is 54 years old and older than any of us in here we have been a part of the shop for a while, we’ve had family members that worked here in the ’80’s and everyone of us having grown up walking distance from the shop have been acquainted with it as our Neighborhood shop since we were kids.

We’re proud to keep the tradition that our families that have been Barbers for decades in Las Vegas and the tradition that EastSide Cutters has built alive and kicking into the future.

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